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ANFD( Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier)

Agitated Nutsche filters are used widely in the production processes of pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries, among others. They are manufactured as agitated Nutsche filter dryers (ANFD'S) for the filtration and drying in the same unit of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and chemical compounds.

  • Slurry contents can be kept fluidized until most of the mother liquor is filtered through.
  • When filtration is complete, the cake develops cracks causing upsets in the vacuum operation. This hinders removal of mother liquor. The agitator can be used to maintain a uniform cake.
  • The cake can be washed after filtration by reslurrying the cake.
  • After washing, the mother liquor can be refiltered. The cake can then be discharged by lowering the agitator and rotating it in such a manner that it brings all the cake towards the discharge port.